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Becca Leone

Over the years, Becca has written many novels, several of which will never see the light of day. Fortunately for her, some have made it past her sock drawer and onto a publisher's desk, and she is currently the author of two contemporary romances, Mulligan Girl (2010) and Last Resort (2011), and one paranormal romance, Zombies for Breakfast (2012). His Soul to Break (2015) is her first foray into young adult fiction under the name Becca Leone.

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His Soul to Break

Be sure to mark December 3 on your calendar as this is the release date for Becca's latest novel His Soul to Break, her first young adult fiction.

Sixteen-year-old Bridget Mahoney has caught the eye of her town's most notorious resident, the ghost of Wil Abbot.

Wil had been murdered decades earlier, and while Bridget vows to shed light on the mystery of his death, hoping to help him pass over to the other side, Wil's one desire is to be with Bridget. That means he needs a human form, and he's found just the body for the job. All Bridget has to do is convince the guy, who happens to be her serious crush, Matthew, to let them borrow his body. Matthew, tormented by the death of an ex-girlfriend, is willing to comply if he'll be able to communicate with her through Wil.

The dead don't always play fair.

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Zombies for Breakfast

Zombies for Breakfast by Rebecca L. Boschee

"author takes the usual zombie blood craze and spins it on its head to create a fun, fantastic story . . ."

Goodreads - Gina's Reviews

"why a zombie romance?"

Avalon Authors' Blog

Last Resort by Rebecca L. Boschee

Last Resort

"Boschee gives her readers a sweet, entertaining romance featuring extremely likable characters . . ."

Booklist Review

"Boschee has aptly and exquisitely detailed life behind the scenes at one of those all-inclusive family resorts . . ."

Romance Reviews Today Blog

"rated 8 out of 10 by Chicklit Club"

"now available in paperback and ebook format (Kindle)"

Mulligan Girl

Mulligan Girl by Rebecca L. Boschee

"a snappy hole-in-one romantic comedy"

Publishers Weekly

"a sweet, fresh-faced story that will appeal to readers looking for a gentle romance."

-Booklist, January 1, 2010

"rated 4 out of 4.5 stars by Romantic Times (RT)"

Romantic Times

"rated 8 out of 10 by Chicklit Club"

"now available in paperback and ebook format (Kindle)"

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